Girls Trip??

Thinking of coming on a girls trip this summer…..? Port A is a perfect destination for you and your girls to do as little or as much as you want. Enjoying a day at the beach or maybe a day at The Balinese Spa neither will disappoint.

One thing people may not know but Port A has some great shopping other than gift stores. If you are in town stop by and see my friends at Sirena Water Wear, Cypress Tree Boutique, and Ragdoll Boutique. There are so many more I just can not name them all! You could honestly not pack a thing and find everything you need here.

And for you party girls if you are looking to go out and dance you have to go to Bernie’s and show off you mad dance skills.

Don’t forget you will need a ride big enough to hold all your girl friends so make sure and book one of our 6 passengers for the weekend. Whether your celebrating a wedding or graduation enjoy your weekend and have a fun ad safe time. We hope to see you soon!

-Misty Ash-Kuhn

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